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Harajuku fashion refers to the fashion of Japanese people in the Harajuku area of Tokyo, Japan. Harajuku is one of the most famous youth fashion centers of Japan and the name of the area has even been used by some foreign brands to try to co-opt the coolness of Harajuku.

Harajuku fashion includes all different kinds of styles, but some of the most popular include Japanese street fashion, cosplay, and gothic lolita fashion.


Japanese Street Fashion

Street fashion in Japan is just a way to say the fashion of kids on the streets. These fashions vary incredibly and cannot be easily categorized. Harajuku is one of the places where kids with cool fashion go to see and to be seen. On the weekends, and often during the week as well, Japanese fashion magazines send photographers to Omotesando Dori and Meiji Dori (near LaForet) to take pictures of the different crazy styles going on in the streets of Harajuku.

Harajuku Cosplay

On the bridge near Harajuku Station, on weekends, there are Japanese girls (and sometimes guys) who gather to cosplay their favorite Visual Kei bands or other things like anime and manga. On Sundays especially, you can find hundreds of tourists taking pictures of these Harajuku cosplayers.

Gothic and Lolita Fashion

Gothic and Lolita fashion is very popular in Harajuku and the LaForet department store is host to many gothic lolita fashion brands and shops.

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