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The Back Horn is a JRock band that was formed in Tokyo in 1998. They are renowned for their live shows which showcase the powerful singing and energetic guitar playing that have made the band one of the most popular modern Japanese rock acts.

The band was originally called Gyorai, before they changed their name to The Back Horn. According to the magazine Keikaku, the name "The Back Horn" came from a mispronounciation of "The Back Hoe" - which was the original name agreed on by the band members.

After a performance at the Fuji Rock Festival in 1999, they released the mini-album Doko e Iku on Kando Records. Seven months later, they released their first full-length album Yomigaeru Hi, and signed to Speedstar Records.

The original bassist left the band after a few years and was eventually replaced by current full-time bassist Okamine Kohshu.

The Back Horn have played their shows in Europe and also undertook an acoustic tour in Japan with Yamada and Suganami performing on the streets of Japan for their fans for free.

The Back Horn has also been involved with various movie projects, including providing some music for the movies Bright Future, Zoo, and Casshern.


The Back Horn Members

Past member

Bass: Hirabayashi Naoki

The Back Horn Discography

The Back Horn Singles

  • Koe
  • Chaos Driver
  • Hajimete no Kokyu de
  • Black Hole Birthday
  • Fuusen
  • Sani
  • Sora, Hoshi, Umi no Yoru
  • Sekaiju no Shitade
  • Namida ga koboretara
  • Mirai
  • Hikari no Kessho
  • Seimeisen
  • Yume no Hana
  • Cobalt Blue
  • Kizuna Song

The Back Horn Albums

  • Doko e Iku (1999)
  • Yomigaeru Hi (2000)
  • Ningen Program (2001)
  • Shinzoo Orchestra (2002)
  • Ikiru Sainou (2003)
  • Headphone Children (2005)
  • Ubugoe Chainsaw (live) (2005)
  • Taiyou no Naka no Seikatsu (2006)

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