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Street Fighter II Movie (MOVIE sutorito faita tsu mub) is a feature-length animated film that was originally released in Japan in 1994. The Street Fighter saga has such a broad fan base in every country, that a version is available, either dubbed or subtitled, in almost every language imaginable. There were also two versions of the movie released in the United States in 1995. One was a bit more revealing of some of the less "kid friendly things, but both were tamer than the original Japanese release of the film, as Japanese culture does not frown on showing nudity to children.

The Game

Street Fighter started out as a video game, first produced as an arcade game known simply as: Street Fighter. It was the first competitive fighting game created by the now famous Capcom and was really the predecessor to what is considered the traditional fighting game. The game used six different attack buttons and was one of the first to use special "hidden" attacks in the game.

The original Street Fighter focused on the character of Ryu for the first player, and Ken for the second. Combatants had to fight their way up through various bosses and difficulty levels in order to get to the main bad guy, Sagat. The series then went on to Street Fighter: Alpha, and then Street Fighter II. At this point the series was developed enough, and had enough of a fan base, to warrant a movie being made.

The Movie

The movie starts out with Ryu, the main character, in a huge battle with Sagat. The two fight fiercely, but eventually Ryu overcomes Sagat and leaves him with a large scar. Their battle is unknowingly taped by a cyborg that has been commissioned by Bison. The movie then fast forwards a few years and we find Ken being captured by Bison in order to become one of his minions. An interpol agent, and street fighter, named Chun Li discovers what Bison is up to and vows to put a stop to it. She is attacked by one of Bison’s assassins, known as Vega, and beats him, only to end up in a coma from blood-loss.

Bison then brings Ken to Ryu in order to subdue Ryu as he has Ken, with mind control. The two battle and it is up to Ryu to try to snap Ken out of the hypnosis before a final show down with Bison begins.

The Characters

  • Ryu – A wandering Japanese warrior who is devoted to developing his spirituality through fighting.
  • Ken Masters – A rich-kid from the United States who is sent to live with Ryu's caretaker, a martial arts master named Gouken, in order to learn martial arts and discipline.
  • Chun Li – An Interpol agent who has vowed to destroy M. Bison as he killed her father many years before.
  • Guile – A Lieutenant who has become Chun Li's friend and ally, as they both have the same common goal to defeat Bison.
  • M. Bison – A pseudo-military leader who is obsessed with gaining power and prestige, and who uses his "psycho powers" to help him do so.
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