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Non-No Magazine is a Japanese fashion magazine published by Shueisha. In circulation since 1971, the currently monthly print for Non-No Magazine is around 440,000 making it one of the better established Japanese fashion magazines in an otherwise overcrowded field of contenders. Content included in the magazine includes everything from current and emerging fashion trends to hairstyle and cosmetics tips and trends.

Additionally, the magazine addresses in its articles the worries and concerns of young Japanese women in their late teens and early twenties. The primary demographic for Non-No Magazine has long been the 16-23 demographic of young women in Japan, focusing on those that are in High School, College, and University and still living with parents. Recent additions to the magazine have started to market it towards an older demographic of women in their mid-20s as well though.


Shueisha is a large Tokyo based publisher that currently publishes a wide array of other magazines in Japan, including the likes of Seventeen, PINKY, LEE, MORE, UOMO, MEN’S NON-NO, Playboy, éclat, and the incredibly popular manga titles for young men and boys, Shonen Jump and Young Jump. They are among the top publishers of magazines in Japan today, quickly rising alongside other major players like Kodansha in terms of overall revenue and circulation of their publications.


Non-No Magazine is fairly standard in its approach to presentation, with multiple sections ranging from fashion spreads to horoscopes and interviews. The fashions featured in the magazine have a similarly wide range, including those that many call “real clothes” fashion – those clothes that can be readily purchased by the reader in a nearby shop, and the more elaborate, flamboyant fashions that Japan is well known for.

For the most part, fashions and trends shown in Non-No magazine are at the cutting edge of Japanese style and will trickle their way toward American and European audiences within 3-5 years. The ability of the magazine to spot and point out the newest trends, well before they work their way across the globe is part of what has made it so popular since the 1970s.

In addition to its forward thinking approach to fashion, Non-No Magazine gives special attention to the realms of cosmetics, hair styling, and general beauty tips. Its pages are usually equally devoted to providing young women with information about new cosmetic lines as it is the newest shoe lines. For this reason, the magazine’s readership will often eschew the commonly held demographic lines it is published within as both older and younger women seek out fashion related information in its pages.

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