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GEISAI is a large biannual art show that takes place in Tokyo. It is an art show that is designed to allow any young artist to show their work for a small fee. There have been over 10 GEISAI art shows thus far.

Takashi Murakami

GEISAI was founded by an artist named Takashi Murakami. He created a studio he named the “Hiropon Factor” which eventually grew and became a successful art production and management company.

In 2001, Murakami registered his company under the name Kaikai Kiki Co. It operates in Tokyo as well as Long Island, New York in the United States. He and Kaikai Kiki decided to start the GEISAI in 2001 to showcase the work of younger arts.

Murakami no longer creates art work or sculpture himself, but continues to supervise and interact with artists and help them create work for exhibition galleries. Many of these artists that he supervised have their work shown in the GEISAI art show.


Since it began in 2001, GEISAI has begun growing in popularity every year. Traditionally the event was held in Tokyo, but in December of 2007, it made its debut in the United States by showing in Miami. Both Japanese and American artists have appreciated the opportunity to exhibit their work in a public forum without having to win a spot in a commercial gallery, and many art enthusiasts have appreciated the opportunity to purchase art from unknown artists that they expect to make a big splash in the field.

Despite its success in Miami, the next festival (GEISAI 11) is scheduled to return to Tokyo on September 14th, 2008, in the “Tokyo Big Sight.”

Every year, medals are awarded to promising young artists, and GEISAI has become one of the few chances to have their artistic vision recognized by a public audience, leading many to expect the presentation’s popularity to continue to grow in the future.

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