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Zenpukuji Park is located in the Suginami Ward of Tokyo, Japan. Its main purpose is to provide the city with a clean, fun, and safe place to enjoy the green of nature and beautiful sights of the water which runs through the park. Many city residents feel that the park is the best place to relax since it is far from the booming inner-city.


Things to See

  • Great Musashino Springs The unique setup of the park incorporates 3 large ponds which cover over 50% of the parks land. One of these ponds is actually the second largest of the three Great Musashino Springs, famous in Japan for their outstanding water quality. It is said that the water is so clear you can see everything that lies underneath.
  • Events at Zenpukuji Park Zenpukuji Park is most famous for its areas where events are held almost every weekend and many of the weekdays. These family events include crafts fairs, city festivals, open birthday parties, and many large celebrations.
  • Wild Birds It is very common to spot wild birds that are rarely seen in the area of Tokyo at the park. Some of the most popular sightings include wild ducks of all species, kingfishers of all species, and even a special bird called the little grebes.


Zenpukuji Park is accessible using the JR Chuo Line traveling to Nishi-ogikubo Station. Once you have reached the station you must take the Kanto Bus or Seibu Bus to the Zenpukuji Bus Stop and walk 5 minutes to the park.

Contact by Phone

Zenpukuji Park Service Center (3396-0825)

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