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The Yurikamome Line is a high speed rail in Tokyo. The Yurikamome Line is the first Tokyo transit line that is completely automated, running solely using computers. The technical name of the Yurikamome line is the “New Transit Yurikamome.” It is also owned and operated by Yurikamome Line, Inc., and it is the primary form of income for the company.



The original name of the Yurikamome Line was the Tokyo Waterfront New Transit Line (The ownership used the same name as well at the time). The company was founded in 1988, and the first stations were opened in 1995. The line was renamed the New Transit Yurikamome by 1998, and the company shortened its name to Yurikamome Line, Inc.

A few more stations opened in 2001 and 2002, and by 2006 the entire planned line is completed (though the company is considering adding some additional stations within the next decade).

The entire system cost billions (roughly 40 billion Yen), and when the Yurikamome line opened it looked as though it may be a sunk cost, as the ridership at first was only 26,000 riders on average per day, and the projected ridership necessary to pay back the loans within 20 years was 80,000. But by 1996 the amount of riders doubled, and since within the last decade the amount of riders per day has been roughly 100,000 – far more than originally necessary and a number that has the potential to pay back the loans in less than the original 20 year estimate.

This profit has also caused the Yurikamome Company to consider expanding the line to a few extra stations in order to increase profitability.

Line Information

Despite the similarities, the Yurikamome Line is not a monorail, as it has more than one track. Presumably for safety, the trains on the Yurikamome Line do not travel faster than 60 km/h, making them on the slow end of the available trains.

The Yurikamome actually travels across the Rainbow Bridge. In fact, the line travels over the Rainbow Bridge. The bridge stations are marked by a “U” and the line travels through 16 different stations, including 5 on the Rainbow Bridge alone. It connects Shimbashi to Toyosu. The entire route is 14.7 km.

The line is at risk for blackouts, where it is possible that passengers can be stuck above the Rainbow bridge or other elevated areas.

Audio Guide

One of the more unique parts of the ride is that famous Japanese voice actors and actresses perform an audio guide for each station, announcing various landmarks and other information about the Line. The following is a list of all of the stations in order from U1 to U16 with the voice actor that announces during that station’s trip:

(Rainbow Bridge)

(End of Rainbow Bridge)

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