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Yuki Torii is a Japanese fashion designer and daughter of the world renowned Kimiko Torii. Her work, first showed in 1962 following in her mother’s footsteps.


Yuki Torii set out on a trip at the behest of her mother in 1962 to find her place in the fashion world. She settled in Paris and in 1973, she met Jean-Jacque Picart who would become her link to the fashion world in the city and her jumping off point for future success. In 1975, two years later, Yuki Torii presented her first show in Paris in the Paris Collection. The small show consisted of 30 models and took place in a Japanese restaurant with clothing that was taken from and inspired by the classic form and style of the kimono. Within two years of her debut, Yuki was a well known name in the Paris fashion scene and soon became a worldwide force in the industry.

Clothing Style

Yuki Torii’s clothing quickly became known for its bold, aesthetically pleasing designs, using modern interpretations of the kimono in the form of graphic symbols and flowers on a number of flowing, wide cut skirts, blouses, and other clothing items. The core of Yuki’s design philosophy has always been to create clothing that she herself could wear and that would want to wear.

Today, Yuki Torii has three separate brands under her name including the title brand which carries a wide variety of formal clothing, Yuki Torii International, consisting of overseas specific international endeavors, and P.S. Yuki Torii which caters to a wider variety of sizes and options for women who are not served by the initial two brands.

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