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Yoyogi Station (代々木駅) is a Japanese railway station located in Shibuya-ku, Tokyo. The station is located only a few hundred meters from Shinjuku Station.



Originally opened on September 23, 1906, Yoyogi Station was built and operated by a private company as a station for the Chuo Line. The Japanese National Railways company took over the company a week later in nationalization. The station was devoted to railway service until 2000, when the Toei Oedo Line was completed and the first subway platform was opened in Yoyogi Station.

Lines and Service

The current Yoyogi Station services three lines from JR East and Toei, with two above ground railways and one subway line. They lines include:

  • JR East – Yamanote Line, Chuo-Sobu Line
  • Toei - Toei Oedo Line


The station is set up to service the JR East trains and Toei trains separately with multiple platforms. Two single platforms facing each other are surrounded by two island platforms for the JR trains above ground with an east, west, and north exit. The west and north exits have alternate routes to reach the Oedo line for those transferring. The Toei Oedo Line is below ground and consists of a single platform with lines on either side for alternating directions

Nearby Stations

Stations that can be accessed in either direction from the two primary lines providing service through Yoyogi Station include:

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