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Yebisu Garden Place is a large area within the city of Ebisu, a city of the Tokyo Metropolis. There are a total of 13 very tall skyscrapers filled with hundreds of shopping centers, restaurants, and specialty shops.

Aside from the many shops and great places to eat, Yebisu Garden Place also has many residential areas and a medium sized business district. This area is just as popular as the shopping since it is also where the Western Tokyo hotels are located, a valued asset in the city of Ebisu.

A very popular department store called Mitsukoshi is located in Yebisu Garden Place. The store offers almost everything from electronics to clothing and has a very large base of loyal customers, including many that travel to Tokyo only to shop there. The size of the store makes for a full day of shopping and it also has a restaurant inside its doors to keep you happy while you browse the thousands of items.

History of Yebisu Garden Place

Yebisu received its name from the beer company located in the city since 1890. The triumphs of this beer company include many natural disasters and WWII when the buildings were almost completely destroyed due to fire. Since Yebisu Beer Company had stood through thick and thin the city found it appropriate to take on its name, thus Yebisu Garden Place was born.

Points of Interest

  • Beer Museum Considering the heavy history of the famous beer brewery, Yebisu Beer, the museum is quite popular with tourists and residents of the city. This special beer museum, unique by right of subject in itself, offers incredible insight as to how the brewery founds its spot among the most popular beer brands in the world. It is also said that the souvenir shop should be checked into as it features hundreds of neat novelties.

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