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Yasuko Furota is a Japanese fashion designer and founder of the clothing brand TOGA. Her work, which combines modern elements of western dress with traditional ideas of the Japanese silhouette and elegant design has been active since 1997.



Yasuko Furota attended Esmode Japan for a year before transferring to Esmode Paris, where she studied intensely and became a self taught designer, using her work in school to help build a foundation for her future work. She stayed in Paris for two and a half years after graduating from Esmode Paris and in 1997 founded the brand TOGA. She presented in her own showroom in the same year and created buzz for her brand and then presented her first fashion show in 2001 during Tokyo Fashion Week.

TOGA went on to win the Mainichi Fashion Awards for the 03/04 AW collection and in 2004, the label opened its first boutique in Ebisu, Tokyo. Currently, the company operates more than 30 boutiques around the world and is presenting in Paris annually.

Clothing Style

Furota’s style is best defined by the use of exclusive fabrics that she has researched thoroughly both in format and application with interesting takes on concepts of volume. The essence of the silhouette provided by TOGA’s clothing is urban and avant garde at the same time and has been compared to man of Japan’s top contemporary and past designers.

Where to Buy

TOGA clothing can be purchased in any of the label’s boutiques located throughout Tokyo, Paris, London, and New York. The flagship store is located in Ebisu District of Tokyo.

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