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Kanye West has been a fashion trends setter ever since he had the chance toshine in the music industry. Kanye west has been seen wearing Japanese-anime inspired clothing and shoes in the "Stronger" video. The Kanye West shoe that stands out the most from the "Stronger" video and has everyone scrambling touncover the name is the ATO MATSUMOTO shoes.

The ATO MATSUMOTO cow hide boots are extremely unique and come in Red, Black, White, Gold and Grey.

These shoes are extremely unique and can not be found in any retail store in the United States. They are currently only available in Japan and other parts of Asia making them very difficult to find anywhere.

For those of you who are interested in buying a pair of these exclusive ATO MATSUMOTO or Kanye West shoes, you are in luck. Trends Depot has them in stock in limited quantity and ready to ship to the lucky buyers. At the price of 200 dollars, the shoes are being sold at a very reasonable price. They retail for over 300 dollars in most stores. Trends Depot has the shoes in all the color ways you can ask for; red on red, black on black, white on white, gold on gold, silver on silver and many other sought after color ways.

Be the first in your Home, School, Job, City, and State to own a pair of these HOT "futuristic" style kicks! These sneakers have not been only seen worn by

Kanye West but also:
   * Usher
   * Omarion
   * Bow Wow
   * Lil Wayne
   * Chris Brown
   * Donnie from Making The Band 4

Visit http://www.TrendsDepot.com for a ATO MATSUMOTO shoes. They are selling very fast, so act now!

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