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Wadabori Park is located in Omiya City of the Suginami Ward of Tokyo, Japan. The park serves mainly as a large forest type greenery area with lots of water surrounding it including the Zenpukuji River and Wadabori Lake. Many visitors have been known to tour the park seeking the sight of rare birds often spotted in the park. Wadabori Park is also reported as being one of the largest in Tokyo with much of its total area covered by Wadabori Lake.



Wadabori Park has been open to the public since the late 1940’s. The original purpose of the park was to provide a relaxing spot where citizens of the city could relax and enjoy nature.

The park became much more popular in 1955, when the Wadabori Lake was created. At this time many citizens took interest in the park.

Things to See

  • Wild and Exotic Birds Kingfishers and other exotic birds are often spotted at the Wadabori Park. Visitors who reside in the city have taken great fascination in these sightings since most birds tend to stay out of the cities area and mainly travel to more natural settings.
  • Zenpukuji River Enhancing the view and serene feeling of the river are over 12 bridges which were built to both be functional in crossing over the river and provide a beautiful look in the park. Many of the bridges have been standing for about 50 years while some are relatively new.
  • Wadabori Lake Wadabori Lake was initially designed and created to relieve some of the flooding that often happened in the park due to Zenpukuji River overflowing. Contructing a place for the water to flow through was a top priority in saving the area. Once the lake was created there was greater interest in the park as this is a unique trait in the Tokyo area.


Wadabori Park is accessible traveling the Keio Inokashira Line to Nishieifuku Station. Once you have reached the station the park is approximately 15 minutes walking distance. Public parking is permitted at the park.

Contact by Phone

Zenpukujigawa Green Park Service Center (3313-4247)

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