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Visvim is a Japanese shoe and clothing line run by creative director Hiroki Nakamura. The goal of the line is to provide high quality shoes and products that conform to both design and environmental standards set by Nakamura.


About Visvim

Visvim was founded by Hiroki Nakamura, a Kofu, Japan born designer who grew in Tokyo. Having spent a great deal of his life traveling, Nakamura still calls his home Tokyo. His design education was not formal in many ways, but after spending eight years working with Burton Snowboards, Nakamura had a good idea of the kind of company he wanted to start in terms of ethics and production quality.

Because VisVam was a small brand to start, Nakamura’s approach has always been to work through collaborations and to provide his voice to as many publications as request. As such, he has appeared in more than 25 separate interviews with world press since the brand launched, sharing his vision while competing against larger companies that are much better established in the market.

Design Process

Each shoe produced by VisVim is approached as a single entity with a fresh slate. Often, designs are developed through outside influences and things Nakamura has seen. Often, he seeks the advice of his wide range of friends, a community of artists, musicians, writers, and designers to create new ideas.

A good example is the Christo sandal, produced recently by VisVim as a reactionary product to the architectural works of Christo. Nakamura was intrigued by the wrappings of monuments and natural formations in Christo’s work, seeing a natural connection with how shoes are designed. The sandal that he produced provided the same basic aesthetic, covering most of the foot with only a small strap revealing parts of the skin beneath.

Quality Control and Ethics

One of VisVim’s most recognized aspects is the stringent enforcement of quality control standards in every shoe created. Nakamura ensures each shoes is made with high tech materials and is as durable and long lasting as possible. In the same vein, the company attempts to use materials that are environmentally friendly.

Shops Carrying VisVim Products

Shops carrying VisVim products are located throughout Japan and in multiple countries outside. Some of those countries and shops include:

  • The Hideout – London
  • Slam Jam – Ferrara
  • Head Porter – New York City
  • Undefeated – Los Angeles
  • Thomas-I-Punkt – Hamburg
  • Colette – Paris
  • Chegini – Vienna
  • Apartment – Berlin
  • Zebres – Toulouse
  • Alta Moda – Modena

Product Lines

  • Visvim Zahra 2-Tone
  • Visvim SS06 Desert Christo
  • Visvim SS06 Zahra
  • Sophnet x Visvim Hockney
  • Visvim 7-Hole Moc-ToeFBT Shaman
  • Kiefer Stad Mid
  • Visvim G. Wallaby in Complex’s Feb/March Issue
  • Kaws x Visvim Slip-on
  • Visvim X Mastermind
  • Dr. Romanelli x Jose Parla x Visvim FBT
  • Visvim Pokle Lo
  • Visvim Buckminster Chukka

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