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Ukita Park is located in the Edogawa Ward of Tokyo, Japan. The general purpose of the park is meeting the sport and recreational needs of the city however it is also popular for its gardens and vast amount of trees and greenery. Aside from the everyday uses, the park also stands as an evacuation zone at which all citizens would gather in the case of large fires, earthquakes, and other natural disasters.



Ukita Park is new and was opened in 2002. Its existence was originally planned to serve as an evacuation facility.

Things to See

  • Sports Zones The sports zones of the park are actually its most valued features. Some travel from long distances to participate in the sport activities that are planned and take place in the park.
  • Festivals at Ukita Park Popular festivals of the city are held in Ukita Park since there is a large amount of space to accommodate large crowds. These festivals are also attended by tourists from the around the world.
  • Events at Ukita Park As with the festivals Ukita Park is also a popular destination for large events sponsored by numerous organizations in the city. These events include concerts, special parties, and large celebrations.


Ukita Park is accessible using the Tokyo-metro Tozai Line traveling to Nishikasai Station. Once you have reached the station there is a 13 minute walk to the park. If you are traveling the Toei Subway Shinjyuku Line to Funabori Station there is a 15 minute walk to Ukita Park.

Contact by Phone

Ohjima Komatsugawa Park Service Center (3636-9365)

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