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Ukima Park is a large area park which covers several wards of Tokyo, Japan. The Itabashi Ward and the Kita Ward both entail a part of the park. The main feature of Ukima Park is its pond called the Ukima Pond which takes up over half the area of the park.

Aside from the pond the park also features many great sports centers for active children and adults.



Ukima Park was officially established and publicly opened in late 1985. Prior to this the land was mainly waterside open area which many used as an unofficial park.

Things to See

  • Windmill of Ukima Park Built during the earliest days of the parks development, the windmill has stood tall through various challenges the city faced. This has contributed to the parks declaration of the windmill as its sign and symbol.
  • Sports Area The sports area is open to the public and features many great equipment centers such as the tennis courts and baseball fields. Some of the most famous Japanese athletes are said to have been trained in this park.


Ukima Park is accessible traveling the JR Saikyo Line to Ukima-funado Station. Once reaching the station it is a 1 minute walk to the park.


Ukima Park Service Center (3969-9168)

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