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Ueno Park is located in Taito of Tokyo, Japan. A long rich history, the park is most popular for its historical value as it features some of the most elaborate museums in Tokyo. Aside from the museums the park also has various other attractions which have grown popular among residents and tourists in Ueno City.

One of the many features that the park is known for is its great area of water which is large enough to go boating on. There are boat rentals at the park making it a larger tourist attraction as well as thriving attraction for residents seeking a nice exciting day with the family. Staying true to its popularity as a large park, it is now recorded as the largest in Tokyo.



Ueno Park is internationally known for being the first park in the Tokyo area, as well as serving as the largest facility in the entire area of Japan. The gates of the park were officially opened in 1872, and even then it was known for being a very large center.

By 1873 there were many museums being built as the city began to understand and display the culture of Japan. Shortly after the museums were opened Ueno Park became known as the most popular location in the city.

Much later, in 1982, the park opened its zoo to the public bringing even more attention to the area. At this time the park is known as the top tourist attraction in Ueno, and even much of Japan.

Things to See

  • Museums Many of Tokyo’s most prized museums are found in Ueno Park including the National Museum of History and various art gallery museums with pieces dating back over a hundred years. Some of the museums are open to the public while others must be reserved for a guided tour. All of Ueno Parks’ museums are very popular among tourists and visited by millions every year.
  • Ruins of Edo Castle An Edo Castle once stood on the land now known as Ueno Park. In a battle which took place in the 1800’s, the castle was completely destroyed. While some attempts have been made to restore the castle it is now on display with much of it as it was following the battle.
  • Zoological Garden The zoological garden found in Ueno Park is the oldest in Tokyo and was first established in the late 1800’s. At this time things were very different and some of the research was somewhat unsettled. Now that ideas and times have changed, it has been updated and modified to fit the knowledge of today, making it the most advanced in Tokyo.


Ueno Park is accessible traveling the JR Chuo Line or Ginza & Hibiya Lines to Ueno Station. From Ueno Station, the park is a 2 minute walk. If traveling to the Keisei Ueno Station it is 2 minutes to the park.


Ueno Koen/Ikenohata 3-chome, Taito-ku, Tokyo

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