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Ubiq is a Japanese sneaker label and designer. Located in Tokyo, the company was started by Kosaka and Hommyo, the two lead designers to date. The brand was developed in 1999 and its first season was in October of 2001 after two years of product development.

Inspiration and Concepts

The themes and concepts behind Ubiq’s products starts with the basis of current Tokyo fashions and the desire of hommyo and kosaka to stretch the concept of the sneaker beyond its current state internationally. With them just starting to reach the international audience in London and New York, their work is still evolving each season. The names of the products themselves are developed from novels the designers have read. According to the designers the most important elements in a shoe are the silhouette it creates and the balance of its design. They strive for the highest quality footwear that is both original and recognizable.

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