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Toneri Park is located in the Adachi Ward of Tokyo, Japan. A fairly new development, the park is actually still be completed and has about 30% more building being planned. The general ideas of the park are creating a safe, fun, and trendy place where citizens can unite and participate in popular recreational activities.

There are three main sections of the park creating a nice flow for those looking to enjoy an organized and clean park. One section offers a large area for various sports including tennis, baseball, soccer, children’s play areas, and a large track field also used for many school occasions. The second section of the park is used for gathering and mingling with barbeque grills, picnic tables, and a large pond to enjoy. The third section of the park is a bird sanctuary which has been highly recommended as rare bird sightings are high.



The land now known as Toneri Park was once nothing more than open lands and a large forest area. Still in development, the park was pened to the public as it currently features many of the popular needs for a functioning facility.

Things to See

  • Bird Sanctuary A bird sanctuary located in the Southern area of the park is open to everyone seeking knowledge and a glimpse of some rare bird species which travel through the park. Special seating and many educational signs help viewers understand what they are seeing.
  • Sports Zone The entire sports zone of the Toneri Park is located in the North and Eastern areas. The largest of all sections it still being filled out with plenty of great additions being planned.
  • Family Areas Anyone wanting to enjoy the peaceful atmosphere of the park would appreciate the large family area which was designed to offer all facilities needed.


Toneri Park is accessible traveling the JR Yamanote Line to Nippori Station. From there you take the bus ending at Tonerikoen mae Bus Stop which is a 2 minute walk from the park. If departing from the Takeno-zuka Station you can take Iriya-jyunkan Bus to the Nakairiya Bus Stop which is located directly in front of Toneri Park.

Contact by Phone

Toneri Park Service Center (3857-2308)

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