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Tokyo Dome City is a city of Tokyo, Japan found in the Bunkyo Ward. The large area consists of many great entertainment venues as that is the primary focus of the famous Tokyo Dome City.

Tokyo Dome City gets its name from it world renowned Dome Stadium located in the heart of the area. The dome currently holds up to 70,000 seats and is open to public. A very unique sports arena it is home to a baseball team, a football team, and many other athletic events. To make the center even more exciting it also plays host to wrestling championships, martial arts ceremonies, famous concerts, and has even played a large role in monster truck racing. It truly is the Stadium for all people loving all sports!

Aside from the great Stadium, Tokyo Dome City has hundreds of activities for every one of all ages to enjoy. A shopping mall, an amusement park, restaurants and specialty shops can all be found within very short vicinity of each other making transportation simple.

History of Tokyo Dome City

The highly appreciated Tokyo Dome actually started out as Korakuen Stadium in 1936. This facility was used a lot but did not have the impact common day Tokyo Dome does.

Tokyo Dome City was finally constructed and opened in 1955. This was a postwar action called for to get the spirits of the residents up after hard times. It has changed the lives of many and raised awareness to the area as tourism has gone up significantly.

Points of Interest

  • LaQua LaQua is a very large area dedicated to giving visitors a great place to relax and enjoy themselves. A spa, shopping center, and restaurants are bunched together in one easy to find and quickly accessible area. Once you have had your rest you can walk to the amusement park area where there many traditional Japanese rides.
  • Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum: The museum is located inside Tokyo Dome and open to all public, both residents and tourists. Any baseball enthusiast would love the many exhibits, and those not so familiar with the sport would also enjoy the amazing manner in which the exhibits are displayed. Primarily, the museum focuses on the world famous baseball player champions; however there are many exhibits dedicated to sharing the history of baseball in Japan.

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