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Tei Johjima is a Japanese fashion designer with a label by his own name and a collaborator for Granville Jacket. His work is categorized by the combination of classical, sleek designs in jackets, slacks, and headwear with modern twists in patterns, prints, and colors, often times including a wide variety of different fabrics and styles.



Johjima was born in 1965 and studied in Industrial Design while in college. After graduation, he started work as a designer for a large shoemaker in Japan before deciding to move to the United States in 1995. He only spent a year in the United States before returning to Japan, but it was then that he decided to start his Capitol Hill Product and start his first menswear line in the A/W collection of 1997. He later renamed the company as TEI*JOHJIMA/CAPITOL HILL PRODUCT and added a womenswear lien in the A/W 2001 collection. Finally, the line was renamed one more time in 2006 to TEI:JOHJIMA/GRANVILLE JACKET.

Clothing Style

The clothing style for many of Johjima’s collections is defined by color, using bright mint-like colors of green with purple and shimmering browns and whites. Brilliant color is used to offset seemingly traditional style designs with a slew of modern twists such as turned down derby caps, tightly cut trench coats and a variety of different styles throughout the body of each piece. Slacks are matched while womenswear is often very similar but with skirts and more feminine, softer tones and cuts to the clothing. The addition of accessories such as scarves, gloves and numerous other kinds of colorful additions helps make the designs pop out in any collection or season.

Where to Buy

Tei Johjima has a boutique located in the Aoyama district of Tokyo as well as placement in many department stores throughout the city.

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