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Tae Ashida (芦田 多恵) is a Japanese fashion designer and creator of Miss Ashida. The daughter of iconic designer Jun Ashida, whose work landed him a position as the dressmaker of Empress Michiko at one point in his career, Tae Ashida has made her own career for herself in recent years.



Tae Ashida was born in 1964 in Tokyo and is Jun Ashida’s second daughter. After graduating from Institut Le Rosey in Swizterland, Tae attended the Rhode Island School of Design where she acquired a BFA in Apparel Design. She made her fashion world debut in 1991 with her Miss Ashida line and currently works both on her own line of clothing and as a designer for her father where she is to take over. Her work has been used for uniforms at Tokyo Disneyland, Tokyo Trust Bank, and SK-II as well.

Clothing Style

Tae Ashida has long been interested in developing a style of dress that allows her to work with classical clothing periods such as the 1910s and 20s while providing a sensible modern collection of women’s clothing. Asymmetry and masculinity often shroud her women’s clothing with a large collection of cross-gender materials like tweed and check, and the use of corsets and fur collars. For the most part her work is both slender and artistic, with a geometric approach to most cuts but not an adherence to the specifics of those shapes.

Where to Buy

Miss Ashida clothing can be purchased from any of the more than two dozen Jun Ashida boutiques located in Tokyo, other major cities in Japan, Paris, and London.

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