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Tachikawa is a city of Tokyo, Japan located near the center of the prefecture. Reports released in 2003 state a population of approximately 175,000 people. The total estimated area of the city is 24km.

Tachikawa currently serves as one of the most prized business districts of Tokyo with many superior companies calling the city home. These companies include commercial services, retail department stores, and electronics departments. You can also find trend-setting fashion department stores in the area; although this comes as no surprise as most cities of Tokyo have their share of the fashion industry.

Tourists visiting Tachikawa are often most interested in the spectacular Japanese food sold in the city. Restaurants scattered throughout offer great prices on food representing much more than just a taste as it stands to present each guest with a real experience in Japanese culture and tradition. In fact, it is not unheard of for a wealthy person to travel to Tachikawa for a dinner at one of the most elite restaurants in the Tokyo area.

History of Tachikawa

Prior to 1881, the area was called Shibazaki Village named by a ruler during the Heian Period. In 1881, ruling changed as the area was re-established as Tachikawa Village.

It wasn’t until 1940 that the city was recognized under modern governments as a district of Tokyo. In December of 1940, it was finally decided that the city would serve best as the name it was founded under and since it has remained the same.

Following WWII, the city was taken over as a US Armed Forces Base and was referred to as “Town of the Base”. This would be the official business of the city until its relinquishment in 1977.

Once the city was turned over to Japan it quickly became a great plan as the officials worked to develop the best and most efficient future for the land. Construction went underway as they reconstructed and enhanced the greenery, built large buildings for business, and began advertising the city as a wonderful place to call home.

Points of Interest

  • Showa Memorial Park The Showa Memorial Park is located on the area that was once the US armed forces base. The park is maintained and governed by the official government of Japan in order to keep up the peaceful meaning. It has been developed into a large park with statues, greenery, and special sports facilities such as tennis courts and baseball fields. The park is open to all free of charge.

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