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Soshigaya Park is located in Kami-soshigaya of the Setagaya Ward of Tokyo, Japan. Large in size, the park is mainly used for recreational purposes and is situated along the Senkawa River. The park has been appropriately separated into two areas which each function in separate ways for separate needs of visitors.



Prior to being arranged into a park, the area now referred to as Soshigaya Park was nothing more than a large grassy area, basically going unused. In early 1943 there were big plans for the area as it was going to be Soshigaya Green Park and serve as a private facility perfect for large gatherings of the elite in Tokyo.

By 1975, the park was beginning to undergo major changes as the people of the city needed more free land to roam and participate in competing activities. At this time the government found it appropriate to alter the park into a recreational facility for everyone. This led to the park going public later that year.

Things to See

  • Banks of the Senkawa River The banks of Senkawa River have been unfinished leaving them easily accessible for visitors. You can sit by the river with your feet in the water while relaxing to the quiet sounds of birds in the park.
  • Children’s Recreational Zone There is a very large playgroud equipped with some of the largest and most unique play areas in all of Tokyo. This entire zone is dedicated to provided children with a safe area to enjoy interaction with others while exploring the natural theme of the park.
  • Adult Recreational Zone With some of the newest equipment available, the recreational zone of the park is fully flourished with tennis courts, soccer fields, as well as many paths for jogging and cycling.


Soshigaya Park is accessible traveling the Odakyu Line to Seijyo-gakuenmae Station. At that point you may take Odakyu Bus to the Komadai-ground mae Bus Stop. The bus stop is only a short walk from the park.

Contact by Phone

Soshigaya Park Service Center (5384-1693)

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