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Shugo Oshinari was born March 5, 1981 in Chiba Prefecture, Japan. He began his career in 2001 and since that time he has appeared in over twenty films. Oshinari has also appeared on television in over a dozen different television programs. He is currently appearing in the Japanese television series Hanayome to Papa.

Shugo Oshinari is most well known for his work in the film Batoru rowaiaru II: Rekuiemu, which is also known as Battle Royale II in the United States. His character, Takuma Aoi was the focus of the movie. The film is thought to be a response to the events of 9/11 and the film was somewhat controversial because many thought it reflected negatively on the United States.

Shugo Oshinari has also starred in four music videos for noted Japanese singer Kumi Koda: “You,” “Lies,” “Feel” and “Someday.” The videos together made up a short film and were released one per week in Japan as part of Kumi Koda’s album release in 2006.


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