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Shiodome is a city of Tokyo, Japan recently established in the late 1990’s. Resting in the Minao-ku prefecture, this district is mainly dedicated to business and tourism making the residential population less than significant to report.

The city of Shiodome serves the Tokyo area in many ways with several industries dominating including business, commercial, retail, and hotel accommodation. More than 13 skyscrapers house the businesses with each one being organized to fit certain demographics making any shopping or servicing experience simple.

The district is praised for its unique style of building with a great amount of work going into keeping them fresh, modern, and eccentric looking. Each of the skyscrapers and buildings has been maintained in a remarkable way and are updated frequently to represent the architectural trends of today.

History of Shiodome

The name Shiodome can be translated into “the place where tides stop” as the name rings true to its meaning. This name was given to the area well before its official establishment. During the Edo Period, 1600’s, it was merely a marshland and was primarily the site of Tokugawa Ieyasu’s castle. The theory is that this ruler wanted his living palaces to be completely shut off from any outside forces, thus the Shiodome area became his home.

By the late 1800’s the Edo Period ruling had passed and it was determined that Shiodome land would best fit transportation needs leading to the development of Shimbashi Station. The station was then converted to Tokyo Station in 1914. While this lasted a while, it eventually was closed down in 1981 due to negligent funding in the upkeep.

Points of Interest

  • Tokyo Advertising Museum This museum is small but quite extroidinary as it demonstrates the trends of advertisement around the world throughout history. There are also modern day exhibits showing how, what, when, and why we choose the trends we do. Most have found the exhibits to be both educational and very entertaining.

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