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Shinozaki Park is located in the Edogawa Ward of Tokyo, Japan. While the park has a long history it is mainly used for sports and recreational purposes today. Some of the special areas designated to sports are actually declared to be the best in the city, and some even feel they are better than any other park in the Tokyo area.



Shinozaki Park has a very rich history. The land was first used in early 1940 to show pride for the longtime success of Japan as a country. It was deemed appropriate that the land be used to build an artillery base on the land. This large artillery base took up about 50% of the park.

By 1967, efforts were made to create a larger park that accommodated many sports facilities. This was eventually successful and opened up to the public.

Things to See

  • Baseball Fields An entire area of the park is dedicated to baseball with many fields and large areas used by sports organizations around the city. It is also known for being one of the parks used by school baseball teams and championships.
  • Sports Facilities Along with the great baseball fields of Shinozaki Park the sports facilities are well organized and have been properly maintained. Keeping the equipment up to date and well cared for has improved the parks reputation by reassuring all visitors that the area is safe.


Shinozaki Park is accessible using the Toei Subway Shinjyuku Line traveling to Shinozaki Station. Once you have reached the station there is a 16 minute walk to the park.

Contact by Phone

Shinozaki Park Service Center (3670-4080)

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