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Shiba Park is located in the Minato Ward of Tokyo, Japan. Today, the park is recognized as being one of the historic parks of Japan as it was created in the late 1800’s. The scenery of the park resembles what one would see when in the forests of Japan as it features many wonderful natural exhibits of water, aged trees, and native flowering plants.

The key location of Shiba Park has made it popular in many movie flicks needing a quiet romantic scene. To date, the park has been in many movies, some more popular than others.



Shiba Park was originally created in the mid 1800’s to surround the Zojoji Temple. Creating the garden of Shiba Park allowed those attending the temple to really feel at peace in a surreal atmosphere.

Following the war, the temple was disconnected from the park as its own stand-alone exhibit. Since, the park has grown even more popular as it is remembered to be the park surrounding the historic temple.

Things to See

  • Waterfall of Shiba Park There is a great area of the park which allows visitors to see the large 10M high waterfall situated a small distance from the area. Visitors can hear the running water as well as see the animals which come to the waterfall for water. The greenery around the waterfall is bold since it is exposed to plenty of moisture.
  • View of Tokyo Tower Standing in the park you can view the large and popular Tokyo Tower. The site is said to be remarkable and perfect during the evening hours. It is this part of the park that also draws in hundreds of tourists looking for some of Japans most fascinating sites.


Shiba Park is accessible using the JR Yamanote Line traveling to Hamamatsucho Station. From the Hamamatsucho Station the park is a 12 minute walk. You may also access Shiba Park traveling the Toei Subway Mita Line ending at Shibakoen Station which is a 2 minute walk to the park.


Shiba koen 4-10-17, Minato-ku, Toyko

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