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Shakujii Park is located in the Nerima Ward of Tokyo, Japan. Its unique features have contributed greatly to its population within the city and abroad. Serving as a relaxation spot and recreational center, the park has been deemed one of the most established in the ward and has hundreds of visitors each day.

The most spectacular features of Shakujii Park are its ponds which cover a large amount of its area. Two of these ponds are said to be the best in the city. The first pond is called Sanpouji Pond which was created by man years ago. Its primary function is serving as a nice place to sit, rest, and enjoy nature. The other main pond of the park is popular among model boat racers looking to practice their hand-held motor boat skills. This has brought in many tourists wishing to take part in the competitions at the park.



Shakujii Park was once the castle grounds of the Shakujii Castle. This castle was owned by the mighty ruler of the Heian Period taking place as early as 745. It is said that the castle was actually constructed along the Shakujii River so that the ruler and his people could watch over the rivers borders and fight off unwanted presences.

Shakujii Castle was completely ruined in the early 1940’s as war broke out in Japan. Since the fire, there have been many attempts to repair and rebuild the castle however the extent of the damage was far too intensive and all attempts have failed.

Ensuring that the land remains prized as a historic site of Japan has become top priority and led the parks establishment in 1959. Once the park was opened up to the public many began to find a fascination in the history of the area.

Things to See

  • Shakujii Castle Remains The ruins of Shakujii Castle are currently displayed in the park. Surrounded by special gardens featuring flower art and described using incredible hand carved signs, the ruins have been a highly appreciated tourist attraction since the park was first opened.
  • Shakujii Park Ponds Two popular ponds are found in the park each serving a certain and important purpose. Relaxing and participating in water sports can be done in this single park allowing a greater variety of activity for all members of the family.
  • Recreational Zones Those seeking a little exercise and competition can find it in the parks recreational zone. Open area for free play, baseball fields, soccer fields, and even children’s playgrounds are located in the parks recreational zone.


Shakujii Park is accessible using the Seibu Ikebukuro Line traveling to Shakujii-koen Station. Once you have reached the station the park is a 7 minute walk away.


Shakujii Park Service Center (3996-3950)

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