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Sarue Onshi Park is located in the Koto Ward of Tokyo, Japan. It close location to the station has brought many daily visitors as they take a walk through the park to unwind after a long day. It has also become a social gathering spot.

To maintain a flow in the park it has been broken down into sections so that visitors may go directly to their place of interest. In the north area of the park the social square is featured, in the south the Public Hall of Koto Ward is accessible, and the land in between is separated into the sports facilities and gardens. All together, the park is large and presents many great activities for the entire family.

Many city events are held in the Sarue Onshi Park, including grand annual events. The size, location, and setting allows for great excitement as everyone comes together to celebrate Japans most prized elements – nature and happiness. Aside from city events there are also grounds for birthday parties or family/friends celebrations. Most children would greatly appreciate the area.



Sarue Onshi Park began as a lumber yard during the 1700’s. This special spot was the most popular timber storage area for royalty in the area and had a great value to the villages during that time.

In 1976, the lumber company closed down leaving the land to the government who officially rezoned it as a park. This decision was made due to the cities need for more greenery.

Things to See

  • Garden Pond The Sarue Onshi Parks garden pond is very pretty now although years back it was not cared for properly and accumulated a lot of algae. Using a special salt has reduced the algae making the water clearer. There are many small fish in the pond which give it that additional touch making its appearance that much more exciting.


Sarue Onshi Park is accessible using the Toei Subway Sinjyuku Line and Tokyo-metro Hanzoumon Line. Once reaching the Sumiyoshi Station it is a 2 minute walk to the park. If traveling the JR Sobu Line to Kinshicho Station it is a 15 minute walk to the park.

Contact by Phone

Sarue Onshi Park Service Center (3631-9732)

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