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Ryujiro Tamaki is a Japanese fashion designer and the lead designer behind the fashion label, Public Image. His work, largely regarded as a top newcomer to the men’s powerhouse of Tokyo fashion, has been highly lauded for its clean, high concept designs.



Before starting his Public Image label in 2007, Tamaki worked as a buyer and designer for a number of small companies. The original purpose of Public Image was to provide an outlet for event production and advertising design in the fashion industry, but quickly the brand grew of its own and is becoming a top new men’s brand in the industry.

Clothing Style

Tamaki’s 2008 Spring Summer collection was presented in the Laforet Roppongi in Tokyo with Shibuya Keiichiro providing the musical background for the presentation. The show itself was an instrument of design, showing how Public Image’s focus on event production has developed alongside the brand’s fashion designs.

The clothing itself features cropped, simple pants with neoprene, thrown together with jerseys and sandals to provide a sporty look. Additionally, sharp suits and shiny fabrics with neon shirts and sharp ties provide strong looks that outline the overall mission of the brand.

Where to Buy

Currently, Public Image clothing can only be purchased through select boutiques and retailers in Tokyo, including department stores like Parco and Roppongi Hills. Tamaki’s first boutique is set to open in 2009 in Aoyama.

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