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Ryonan Park is located in Hachioji City of Tokyo, Japan. Being close to the Takao and Jinba Mountains has made the park a popular spot for anyone seeking a remarkable view of the land. These mountains are viewable from the park creating a perfect picture of the sought after sites.

Ryonan Park features two separate areas each serving a popular purpose of Japanese parks today. On one side there is a great area with various sports facilities great for teens and adults to mingle while getting some sun and exercise. On the other side, there is a large play area for children of all ages that is fully equipped with amazing playground features. These two sections are separated by the Minami-Asakawa River which runs straight through the entire park.



Ryonan Park was put on the map following the cycle racing Olympics which were held there. The great paths and steady but challenging terrain made for perfect competition setup and weather was also a great factor. The decision to host the cycle Olympics in this area actually helped to also drive tourism giving the city greater funds to develop the park Hachioji City knows now.

Things to See

  • Minami-Asakawa Riverside The land by the river is extremely green and offers an inviting view of many exotic and common plants scattered about. Open to all, many enjoy a quiet seat by the river because the peaceful sound of flowing water is very relaxing.
  • Elaborate Children’s Playground The playground equipment at Ryonan Park is said to be some of the best with only the most exciting designs being included. Turning a trip to the park into an amazing day out with the family is easy with the nicely cared for picnic tables located close to the playground.
  • Grand Baseball Fields Located on one side of the river, the baseball fields have been constructed to portray actual game size fields with many of the same features used in professional ball. Weekly games are held at the fields which usually include free-for-all games including anyone wishing to participate.


Ryonan Park is accessible by traveling the JR Chuo Line to Takao Station. Once at the station you must board the Keio Bus and exit at the Goryomae Bus Stop. From the bus stop to Ryonan Park is an estimated 5 minute walk.

Contact by Phone

Ryonan Park Service Center (0426-61-0042)

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