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Roka Koshun-en Park is located in the Setagaya Ward of Tokyo, Japan. The original estate of a famous writer from the Meiji era, Roku Koshun-en Park is basically a large memorial for his cherished life of creating world famous literature.



A famous Japanese author by the name of Roka Tokutomi once lived on the land now known as Roka Koshun-en Park. During this time the park was his estate and a large private garden enjoyed by him and his closest friends and family.

In 1927, Roka Tokutomi passed away leaving the land to the Japanese government. The area finally became a park of Kasuya in 1928.

Things to See

  • Roka Memorial Hall A small building inside the garden, called the Roka Memorial Hall, is filled with many of the valued belongings of the world famous Japanese writer Roka Tokumoti. Books, poems, scrolls, and special writing utensils are all found encased in beautifully crafted wooden and glass display cases.
  • House of Roka Tokutomi The original house of Roka Tokutomi is still standing on the park grounds. Other than minor modifications and necessary up keeping, the house is exactly as it was almost 100 years ago.
  • Roka Tokutomi Grave Buried next to his wife, the grave of Roka Tokutomi is also located in the park. His fondness for his land and passion for the natural gardens made the park a perfect final resting place for him and his loved one.


Roka Koshun-en Park is accessible using the Keio Line to the Rokakoen Station. From the station to the park there is an estimated 15 minute walk.


1 kashiwaya, Setagaya, Tokyo

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