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Rinshi No Mori Park is located in the Meguro Ward of Tokyo, Japan. With a long history of serving the area with great amounts of greenery and plenty of open area to enjoy the natural beauties offered by Mother Nature, Rinshi No Mori Parks is appreciated by most in the city of Shimomeguro.



Prior to the official establishment as Rinshi No Mori Park was known as the Meguro Experimental Nursery. This facility was used from 1900 to 1978 and went through major changes at one time being renamed the Forestry Research Station.

After the Research Center was shut down in early 1978, it remained private land and was completely shutoff to the public. Finally, in 1989, the area was redeveloped and deemed the Rinshi No Mori Park.

Things to See

  • Aged Trees of Rinshi No Mori Park Many of the large trees found in the park can be traced back hundreds of years. These ages of these trees can be proven by the research that took place for decades in the park.
  • Native Plants and Greenery Being a well cared for area of the city; Rinshi No Mori Park has a tremendous amount of greenery which is rare and native to the climate of Tokyo, Japan.


Rinshi No Mori Park is accessible using the Tokyu Meguro Line traveling to Musashi Koyama Station. From this station to the park is a 10 minute walk. If traveling the of JR Yamanote Line to Shibuya Station you may take the Tokyu Bus to Rinshinomori Iriguchi Bus Stop located 1 minute walking distance from the park.


Rinshi No Mori Park Service Center (3792-3800)

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