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The Imperial Palace East Gardens or Kokyo Higashi Gyoen Gardens are located near the very center of Tokyo, Japan. Home to the remains of the Imperial Palace, the Palace East Gardens hold a great place in the hearts of many Japanese residents who know the long history of the land. The gardens in Imperial Palace gates are officially classified as a historic site of Japan. This classification has also put the 210,000m East Gardens on the map of best places for tourists to visit.



The land where the garden now sits goes back to the Edo period when the Edo Castle was constructed. This garden is an actual part of the large estate of Tokogawa Shogun, a famous ruler of Japan during this era. The land now represented as the gardens was basically a security area where several circles of defendants stood to guard the castle.

Following the Edo Period, Emperor Meiji took over the land turning it into the Imperial Palace. He then moved away to another area but the land remained an important area for the cities of Tokyo.

The Imperial Palace East Garden has been remodeled and modernized many times since first being established. With the changing times in history, each special era demanded separate luxuries.

Things to See

  • Palace East Garden Waterfall Manmade hundreds of years ago, the waterfall offers visitors of the garden a chance to see nature perfectly. Flowers, plants, and trees located around the waterfall are the greenest of the garden and create an almost surreal feeling.


The Imperial Palace East Gardens are accessible by subway or Tokyo rail lines. Whether traveling by subway or rail line the gardens are a 5 minute walk from Otemachi Station.


Kokyo Higashi Gyoen, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo

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