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Oyamadairi Park is a popular natural park located in Hitachi City of Tokyo, Japan. Created only 3 years ago, the park has grown to be one of the best recognized in the area and is quickly gaining in popularity among residents and tourists. Today, the park features all the wonderful perks to Japan land including water, forestry, exotic and traditional plants, and also has wildlife scattered throughout it; something most parks in Japan lack.



Prior to 2004, Oyamadairi Park was merely a vast amount of land unused by anyone. While there were various camp grounds scattered throughout the area, the park had not yet gained notability and was basically a private area.

Things to See

  • Wildlife at Oyamadairi Park The Park is greatly known for its tremendous amount of rare wild animals. Visitors may enjoy the wildlife scene with the hawk making its presence well known and putting on shows for everyone. It is the climate and environment that grabs the attention of these animals as there is plenty of water, shade, and forestry for them to roam.
  • Natural Streams and Valleys The setup of the park is perfect with many natural elements that just can’t be found in the Japan area any longer. Near the streams there is a large amount of trees, all lush and green, and plants featuring bright blooms – some would say the brightest in all of Japan.


Oyamadairi Park is accessible using the Keio Sagamihara Line entering Tama-sakai Station. Once you have reached the station Oyamadairi Park is an estimated 5 minute walk away.

Contact by Phone

Oyamadairi Park Service Center (0426-76-8865)

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