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Original Fake is a Japanese fashion label. Started by American Designer and frequent collaborator, Kaws, the brand is one of only a few foreign started fashion labels to find success in the burgeoning Japanese fashion industry. The brand, relatively new to the fashion industry offers a new take on the street fashion style that has become so popular in recent years throughout Japan.



The Original Fake label is a combination of various different products that combines a number of different aspects of Japanese and western street fashion, with t-shirt design, sneakers, jeans, socks, chairs, mats, sunglasses, and numerous other street wear products produced each year in the Autumn and Spring collections. The theme throughout most collections is an eye for classic designs mixed with modern images of cartoon-like, Japanese inspired graphics and logos.


Like many street fashion brands, Original Fake has engaged in a number of collaborations to boost its name brand recognition and to reach various new reaches in the industry. Recent collaborations include a t-shirt collaboration with Modicom Toy, one with Gallery for a 1950s vintage chair design, Oakley for a pair of street wear inspired sunglasses, Porter for key cases and luggage. A recent collaboration saw Original Fake join teams with four other companies including Gallery 1950, Fragment, Kaneko, and Porter to create a series of handbags, glasses, patches and t-shirts.


Original Fake clothing and products can be purchased from the Original Fake flagship store in Minato-ku, Tokyo – the address listed below – or from any of a number of department stores including: Isetan, Cruisin, Anytime, Honeyee.com, L’intrus, and Vlack.

  • Oh Building B1F
  • 5-3-25 Minamiaoyama, Minato-ku,
  • Tokyo 107-0062, Japan
  • +81(0)3-3499-3333

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