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Ohjima Komatsugawa Park is located in the Koto and Edogawa Ward of Tokyo, Japan. Large in the size, the park functions mainly as a recreational facility where children and adults may get exercise while mingling with others. Along with the trees and green scenery, the park also has wide open fields that have been leveled for free play.



Prior to serving as a city park, Ohjima Komatsugawa Park was originally a great area of forestry and used for nothing more than a nice green area. It wasn’t until 1995 that the city decided to open a public recreational park which has grown quite a bit since.

Things to See

  • Playing Fields With the soccer fields among the most popular of all, the park is filled with other special equipment including tennis courts, baseball fields, and even some rare sporting units. Each part is properly cared for to ensure a great place for large events and city wide competitions.
  • Great Trees Ohjima Komatsugawa Park is home to some very old trees that have been dated back over 100 years. When the park was fully developed it was decided that these natural parts be left alone to maintain some historical traits in the area. Many of the trees are placed on stilts in some areas to ensure that their branches maintain proper shape.


Ohjima Komatsugawa Park is accessible traveling the Toei Subway Sinjyuku Line to Higashiohjima Station. Once you have reached Higashiohjima Station, the park is a 3 minute walk.

Contact by Phone

Ohjima Komatsugawa Park Service Center (3636-9365)

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