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The Ohizumi Chou Park is located in the Nerima Ward of Tokyo, Japan. An old Japanese and US military base used to stand on the land until the land was turned into a popular sports park for the Nerima area in early 1990. Since opening, Ohizumi Chou Park has become very valued by residents of Ohizumi-gakuen City.



Ohizumi Chou Park has a long history in the area as it started out as a Military Academy. Training of Japanese soldiers took place on the land with some of the most innovative military equipment of that time. There are still traces of these special fighting facilities.

Following WWII the area was given to the US military as troops and US station. At this time it was converted into a US military base where many of the post-war projects took place.

In 1990, the land was given back to the Japanese government. It was found that a park, the Ohizumi Chou Park, best fit the area and so it was constructed.

Things to See

  • Athletic Facilities The primary focus of Ohizumi Chou Park is to serve the recreational sports needs of residence in the city. Several fields including soccer, baseball, and free play are located throughout the green park. This has been a hot spot for many locals as they enjoy nature while spending time with their friends and family.


Ohizumi is accessible traveling the Tobu Tojyo Line to Narimasu Station. Once you have reached the station you take the bus departing from Ohizumi Gakuen to the Ohizumi Chuo Bus stop. Ohizumi Chou Park is about a 12 minute walk from the bus stop. Public parking is provided at the park.

Contact by Phone

Ohizumi Chuo Park Service Center (3867-8096)

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