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Ohal Ando is a Japanese fashion designer and the founder of DoppelGanger. He later launched his own label under “less than” and has since become an established member of the Japanese fashion community, presenting annually in the Tokyo Collections.



Ando was born in 1972 and attended Waseda University where he graduated with a degree in fine arts and design. In 1999, he first participated in the Tokyo Collection and later launched his self owned label in 2005 with ‘less than *’. He debuted his first collection in the Spring Summer show of 2006 in Tokyo and went on to become the designer of rin for the Autumn Winter 2006 collection.

Clothing Style

Ohal Ando’s clothing is best defined by the street wear community from which he gets most of his concepts and designs. While his designs have evolved since the brand was first created, it still maintains much of its roots, building upon the various designs that have made the Harajuku area of Japan so popular for these types of clothing.

Where to Buy

Ando’s clothing can be purchased in many locations depending on the line from which the clothing is taken. His personal label, Less Than * can be purchased from its main store in Shibuya:

  • LessThan Factory
  • 1F Dai 2 Satomi Bldg
  • 2-24-6 Jingumae
  • Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 150-0001
  • (03) 5410-5581

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