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Oh My Goddess! (Aa! Megami-sama!) is an animated series, also known as an anime, that follows a lucky (or unlucky, depending on your point of view) college student and a goddess that are forced to spend eternity together. The anime began as a manga created by [[Kosuke Fujishima], who has now become known as a household name in Japan due to this series. Since the start of the manga, there have been four different anime series about the characters.

The story is about a college freshman named Keiichi Morisato. One day Keiichi picks up the phone to call for take-out, and gets the Relief Goddess Office instead. An angel, or goddess, named Belldandy, answers the phone and appears to Keiichi to grand him any one wish. Keiichi believes it all to be a prank, after all, who would grant him any wish he wants? But during his discussion with the goddess, he realizes that she is the first being that he has known that has understood him. He wishes that she would stay with him forever, and Belldandy, of course, has to grant this wish. Because Keiichi’s dorm does not allow women, he ends up on the streets, and he and Belldandy eventually wind up starting their lives together in an old temple.

What follows next can be constituted as hilarity, a lesson on life, and romance. Belldandy forever changes Keiichi’s life, and together the two of them intertwine with other characters and change their lives as well. Belldandy’s two sisters, Skuld and Urd, eventually drop in to live with them, and things get even more twisted.

Fujishima, a self-proclaimed computer nerd and lover of Norse mythology, combined both of his loves in Oh My Goddess. In Norse mythology there are three sisters, Vervande, Urd and Skuld, who are known as the three fates. They control everything from the sky above to the ground below. In Oh My Goddess!, Skuld, Urd and Belldandy control everything using a computer system. Skuld is seen as the programmer, and Urd is the system manager. When you link one down on his luck college student, three fates, and one temperamental computer system, you get absolute chaos.

An interesting thing to note is that the singers of the Oh My Goddess! television series are professional singers, and between the movies and the series, their songs have led to over a dozen extremely popular and well-selling albums.

In 2007, an Oh My Goddess! game was created in Japan for the PS2 console. Because the game was released in Japan, it will only work on the Japanese PS2 consoles. At present there has been no talk of licensing the game in America, or in dubbing it in English, but it is possible to order and play the game as long as you have a Japanese PS2 console. Remember, though, that it will be in Japanese, so unless you speak the language, you might have a difficult time understanding what is going on during the game.

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