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The Ogunohara Park is located in the Arakawa Ward of Tokyo, Japan. The park currently features the half finished establishment of an industrial site abandoned in 1993. Aside from the ruins of the precious buildings the park inhibits many newly planted cherry blossom trees. These have been laid out to make the park more inviting.



Prior to being the Ogunohara Park, this area was a functioning industrial plant that was working to rebuild. In the early 1990’s the zone was officially re-zoned forcing the plant to move to another area. At this time the half finished building became the property of Tokyo, Japan and was tied into the parks historical design.

In 1990 to 1992 the park underwent major changes as they converted the area into a relaxing park. In 1993 the park finally opened its gates to the public and has since continued modifications to meet the needs of families and tourists in the area.

Things to See

  • Dragonfly Pond The great amount of dragonflies surrounding the pond has helped to initiate the ponds official name. The wet grounds and humid atmosphere make the park ideal for many exotic insects which all contribute to the surreal feelings of the park.
  • Industrial Plant Ruins The ruins of the old industrial plant have been left on the property. About half of the initial establishment still remains for all visitors to get a glance at what took place in the area prior to the park being created.


Ogunohara Park is accessible traveling the Toden Arakawa Line to Higashiogu San-chome Station. Once reaching Higashiogu San-chome Station it is an estimated 10 minute walk to the park entrance.

Contact by Phone

Ogunohara Park Service Center (3819-8838)

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