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Number(N)ine is a Japanese fashion label and menswear clothing line. The line draws much of its influence from musical artists and acts and has become a modern twist on many classic themes, from cowboy Stetsons to grunge inspired flannels.


Clothing Style

The majority of Number Nine’s clothing takes on a subdued, more laid back tone that draws much from the music scene that designer Miyashita is so engrossed with. Themes in the clothing, such as the 2006 A/W collection’s use of plaid throughout its designs, as well as in the shows themselves with the music that plays and the models’ appearance will harken to that overall theme.

The result is a brand that creates fashion statements out of many classic looks, including the cowboy look of the American west – combining suede boots and felt hats with riding jackets – as well as a number of other familiar design styles with modern twists. The wearable collections are decidedly more subdued with simple, rock and punk inspired clothing without the flair of many of Tokyo’s other music inspired brands. Black shirts, gray and white patterned sneakers, and a number of chain accessories round out the collection. Eclectic designs such as fur lined sneakers have been known to make it into the designs as well however.

Other Products

Number (N)ine has also become well known for its multiple side projects and accessory designs, including arm bands, hats, sunglasses, chains, and keychains of skulls and skeletons. A spring 2008 collection included a series of four t-shirt prints with Disney characters as musicians sporting skulls for heads. Additionally, the brand has been known to collaborate with other companies such as Vans for sneakers.

Where to Buy

Number (N)ine can be purchased from the brand’s Harajuku store in Aoyama or from a number of specialty outlets in Tokyo as well as via websites like

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