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Naoki Takizawa is a Japanese fashion designer and long time protégé of Issey Miyake. Since starting his own line under Miyake’s design house, Takizawa has started to emerge as an influence all by himself in the Tokyo fashion industry with various shows being produced each year.



Takizawa worked for 26 years under Issey Miyake, designing for many of Japan’s top designer’s biggest brands and names. His work finally received its own due when Takizawa was tapped to produced his own line of clothing under the Issey Miyake tent of brands.

Rather than Paris, Takizawa made his debut in New York to ensure a change of scenery and attention for his brand, rather than being under the shadow of Issey Miyake’s larger brand. His first show created a stir when he had models sitting in the audience to start the show and sitting on the runway before the show began and his first works were displayed.

Clothing Style

Takizawa’s clothing has long been a staple of Miyake’s designs, but in its own regard as a standalone product it has a few very specific standout points. The use of technology, including a memory system technique that keeps fabric in their original appearance and the foil printing of copper and silver create a new form for his work. However, he also includes a number of different classical pieces in most collections, with work evoking Miyake’s claim to fame – pleats. The pleating he uses though is entirely his own product, mixing a bit of the Alber Elbaz style of streaming with the more cutting edge deconstructive take on the method.

Where to Buy

Naoki Takizawa’s clothing can be found in any Issey Miyake boutique, located throughout Tokyo in department stores such as Parco, Omotesando Hills and Roppongi Hills.

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