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Although he may be most well-known as the son of the famous legendary Japanese actor Akaji Maro, Nao Omori is considered a successful and established Japanese actor in his own right, with a filmography of roles concentrated in Japanese cinema (rather than television or stage work) extending only to 1997 yet comprising an impressive 40 different appearances on film and other dramatic works.

Nao Omori was born on February 19, 1972 in Tokyo, Japan, and stands at five feet, 10 inches tall. He got his start in acting in 1997—at the age of 25—with an appearance in a film called Fukushu the Revenge Keinai Kizuato (the literal English translation is The Revenge: A Scar That Never Disappears). This acting debut, although minor, led to Omori appearing and starring in a wide variety of Japanese films throughout his career. Omori’s most recent work was in the mini T.V. series Hagetaka: Road to Rebirth as Masahiko Washizo, and the film Midnight Eagle as Kensuke Saito, both released in early 2007.

What is generally considered as Omori’s most successful and critically acclaimed role was that of Takatoshi opposite his co-star Shinobu Terajima (who played Rei Kayakawa) in the 2003 film Vibrator, which was based on a novel and ended up winning a total of 21 awards. Omori himself won two awards, a Kinema Junpo Award and Yokohama Film Festival award, for his Vibrator role as Takatoshi for Best Supporting Actor. The Yokohama award was also partly for his work in Akame shijuya taki shinju misui (2003), while Omori’s Kinema Junpo Award was in part given to him for his roles both in Akame shijuya as well as Saru (2003).

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