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Nakagawa Park is located in the Adachi Ward of Tokyo, Japan. The main feature of the park is the Nakagawa River running through the city. This river borders the park to one side while a busy highway known as Kan-nana Street defines the other side. Built on a city sewage plant, it is known for being one of the less popular places of relaxation.



After the war of World War II, this destination was created to house civilians in the case of disasters both caused by man and nature. In the case of earthquakes, large fires, and other devastations in the area all residents of the city are instructed to meet in Nakagawa Park.

Things to See

  • Nakagawa Park Trails The unique setup of the walking/jogging/biking trails in Nakagawa Park has contributed to its popularity. The many trails actually lead all the way to and through other parks in the city. Some people have found these trails useful when choosing to walk to various locations in the city.
  • Children’s Playgrounds To give the little ones something to do while adults relax in the peaceful atmosphere there are several play areas with tons of fun equipment. These areas are closed in the early morning and late evening hours but still provide great sun during the day.


Nakagawa Park is accessible traveling the JR Sobu Line to Kameari Station. Once reaching the station the park is an estimated 15 minute walk.

Contact by Phone

Nakagawa Park Service Center (3629-8164)

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