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Naganuma Park is located in the Hachioji Ward of Tokyo, Japan. The area of the park is so beautiful many artists have gone to the site to paint their works which often become famous around the world. Today, the area is used as a nice relaxation place for families in the area.



Prior to becoming an organized park, Naganuma Park was simply a swamp like area of land. While there are stories of battles taking place in the location there are no substantial facts listed.

Things to See

  • Rare Flowers Naganuma Park is home to many special rare species of flowers. This has caused some issues of disrespectful people taking advantage of the value these special plants hold by stealing the flowers, and sometimes attempting to take the whole plant. While this is quite common there are many flowers in the park leaving plenty to see.
  • Bird Watching Sites To make sure that visitors learn about the land and creatures that surround them there are signs placed around the park to inform those that are sightseeing just what exactly they are looking at. Bird signs are the most popular as many guests come to the park just to get a look at rare bird species inhibiting the land.


Naganuma Park is accessible using the Keio Rail Line traveling to Naganuma Station. Once reaching the station it is an estimated 5 minute walk to the parks entrance.

Contact by Phone

Sakuragaoka Park Service Center (042-375-1240)

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