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Nagano Prefecture (長野県) is a Japanese prefecture located in Chubu on Honshu. The capital of Nagano Prefecture is Nagano City.



Before the Meiji Restoration and the abolition of the Han System, Nagano Prefecture was mostly made up of Shinano Province. Further back, the region was greatly divided into multiple daimyo.

Nagano is best known in recent history for hosting the 1998 Winter Olympic Games. It’s population and tourism industry have boomed since and it earned a Shinkansen line directly to Tokyo as a result.


Nagano is known for its mountains, with nine of the highest twelve mountains in the country held within Nagano’s borders. It is also bordered by the most prefectures in Japan and is furthest from the ocean. Lake Kizaki’s beaches are a popular resort stop for many Japanese vacationers and the hot springs in the mountains draw visitors from around the world.


The cities currently located in Nagano Prefecture include:

Districts and Towns

The current districts and towns in Nagano Prefecture include:


Nagano Prefecture is known for a number of popular attractions including:

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