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Musashino Park is located in Koganei City of Tokyo, Japan. The popular park currently stands as the primary site of many events, parties, and private occasions in Koganei City. Some of the most popular occasions include family BBQ’s and birthday parties. Many residents claim it is the great amount of land to roam and play which draws them in. There are also large picnic areas designed to fit the needs of anyone seeking a great natural place for any occasion.



Musashino Park has little history in the Tokyo area as it has always functioned as an open area filled with tremendous amounts of greenery. However, the Tama Cemetery is located on the land suggesting this as the primary use for the area prior to it becoming Musashino Park.

Things to See

  • Nogawa River With the Nogawa River running right through the park it has been called one of the most natural areas of Tokyo. Visitors praise the river because it is not sealed off like most park rivers, or waters in general, around Japan. Those looking to relax by the water can literally rest their feet in the water as they enjoy the quiet and peaceful atmosphere.
  • Bird and Nature Observation Center This center has been used by homeschool groups in Tokyo. Its great amount of nicely described greenery and special features not found in surrounding area parks allow students to truly learn about the natural lands that surround us. Rare plants and birds are present in the centers.


Musashino Park is accessible using various means of transportation in the area. The Tamacho Bus Stop departing from Musashi-koganei Station is located directly in front the park. Public parking is allowable on the facility.

Contact by Phone

Musashino Park Service Center (042-361-6861)

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