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Musashino is a city of Tokyo, Japan. A population report released in 2003 claimed an approximate 136,326 residents in the city. It is stated that the city has grown substantially since this time due to economic growth and greater education developments.

Musashino has been designed into three sections, or three spheres as stated in Japan. First is the shopping area which entails many department stores, specialty shops, and commercial services. Second is the cultural area which houses many of the government and historical facilities for the city. Third is the medical and education area which features the cities hospitals and schools. Dividing the city in this way has helped to keep traffic and transportation in the city less congested and better developed.

The city of Musashino takes pride in its vast amount of higher education departments with several notable universities currently calling the city home. The Musashino Art University is among the most popular in the area with hundreds of new students from around the world being enrolled each year. For those seeking a broader major such as technology development the Musashino University is a great place to get a solid education. This university also has a high rate of foreign students based on its spectacular grades in the education boards.

History of Musashino

The history of Musashino can be traced as far back as 1659. During this era the city was merely a small village serving as the home to many devout citizens of the current rulers throughout the territory.

In 1889, the village became a city with a population of approximately 3,000 people. It quickly flourished as a military station in Japan and became the center of military activity.

In 1923, the city of Musashino was greatly damaged by the Kanko earthquake which killed many in the Tokyo area.

It wasn’t until 1947 that the city was established under the new laws of Japan. Since this time the city has thrived off of a strong government and dedicated residents.

Points of Interest

  • Musashino Summer Festival The Musashino Summer Festival is incredible! Performers participate in a large parade that symbolizes the excitement of the summer months in the city. Music, art, special shows, and exotic acts are performed to provide visitors, residents and tourists, a good experience. The Summer Festival is typically held in the early days of summer.
  • Citizen Cultural Festival This festival stays true to its name as it gives the residents a wonderful place to display their culture in any desired form. Large turnouts from around the Tokyo area are common and even tourists tend to pop in for a visit. It is this festival that many of the residents in Musashino claim to be the driving force behind excitement in the autumn months.

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